June 2, 2023

5 Effective Tips To Prepare Your Child For Virtual School Assembly

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While we always knew that virtual learning and teaching could come in handy in the near future with technological advances, we did not see it coming the way it has as the global pandemic has shown it.

2021 will be no different for school and college-going students because schools are still in peril, and they are unlikely to go to school and learn with their classmates again this year. However, neither time and growth are waiting, nor should the students and knowledge-seekers. Virtual assemblies such as Academic Entertainment allow students to experience classroom learning to a certain degree. As the experience may be somewhat different, here are some ways you can prepare your child for the Virtual School Assembly. Keep reading!

Get them prepared for the class

Sitting in front of your PC and holding video conferences is not all you need for an online montage. Like going to school with notebooks and other materials, your child needs to keep all the important materials and stationery handy for virtual classes as well.

However, one of the additional urgent requirements for an online class is to ensure that the devices are fully charged, along with a speedy internet connection. And, it’s smooth sailing thereafter!

Let them understand the app

Most video telephone/conferencing applications have a similar user interface. Still, with various options and features of an app, it is always advisable to learn how to use the essential features beforehand. For example, virtual assembly applications offer features for students such as hand lifting, mute, sending a message, the video off / on, audio mute, and much more to ensure a smooth and convenient experience for everyone. It is essential to make them learn them beforehand.

Have a quiet/sound-proof environment

One of the few limitations of a virtual assembly is the background noise from each other’s microphones, making the entire environment of the video messy and annoying. If you have a loud background, either your child needs to mute its sound, or everyone, including the others, needs to suffer during the calls. It’s not proper practice and not at all polite either. It is the responsibility of the whole family to maintain a calm environment until the class is finished. Think of it as being present in a boardroom; you’d want to keep mum till the meeting’s over, right?

Following a religious timetable

The work-from-culture culture is such that even the adults are finding it hard to follow a set schedule and time pattern. Keeping this pattern in mind, children are more likely to deviate from their school timetable, be it waking up in the morning or gathering their materials for the session. It is also important to look presentable on the camera if the video is a must for their class.

Therefore, it is better to have a different schedule for a home to attend the video session and indicate your presence in a good time.

Try to be around

Technology is constantly evolving, and although most children nowadays are familiar with technology and technical stuff, they may still need help. Be close so that you can help them with whatever they need or want so that they feel a technical interruption. Always make sure that they have a power supply or are ready to help them in the event of power outages. Even in the digital age, human connections can make and break some of the most crucial moments!


COVID-19 should not be an excuse to shun learning and teaching, and virtual classes should not be treated as a temporary stopgap, except in totally unfortunate circumstances such as affordability, accessibility, etc., because they will soon be a preferred mode for so many classes and other official events. As we begin a new normal, we might as well start with new ideas of courtesy, requirements, knowledge, and more. Let us know your thoughts on this.


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