March 2, 2023

5 Simple Steps To An Effective SNACK SUBSCRIPTION Strategy 

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Food sales are one of the surest businesses that will always make sales. This is not because selling food is easy, but because of its fundamental nature to life sustenance. Think of having to maintain a flowing snack sale all the time. The competition in the market both offline demands that one be more strategic to reap more than just depending on the obsolete fact that food is basic. Most businesses use subscriptions to maintain a reliable demand and safely swing within the market forces.  

Subscription strategy involves offering online shoppers a convenient, personalized, and lower-cost option of making recurring purchases, potentially turning one-time shoppers into lifelong clientele. Having a list of subscribers, one can calculate their predictable monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and effectively make plans of scalability and growth to meet demand and forecast for the future.  

In 2021, the subscription business was valued at $22.7 billion and was expected to hit a whopping $65 billion by 2027 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18.3%. Subscription is lucrative and can be a good reaping point when you employ excellent strategies. Here are five simple steps to make the best out of subscription strategies: 

  • Strategic Use of Influencers 

Using influencers strategically can be a wise way of skyrocketing snack subscriptions added to your totals within a short time. You can find influencers who have created for themselves a profile and mass following in the online spaces and have them go into the airwaves as your brand ambassador. The particular influencers will build the confidence of subscribers struggling with their decisions concerning your product. Have the influencer take a bite of your snack and write a short sentence on why it is the best muffin, cake, or candy, whatever your snack production is.  

Ask them to upload the videos and photos to their official channels and attach links to your website or social media pages. The videos and photos should be of great quality. A resolution of 1080p plus should be a threshold. Everyone will want to identify with great people, and as soon as they see the people they idolize munching your muffins, be ready to have a boom. One thing to avoid is overhyping your product. People love celebrities, but people are not dumb. Let the strategy stick to facts you can provide so that no one gets disappointed. 

  • Sharing Exhibition Media on Social Media 

Social media is a great tool to get subscribers to your business. Even if you have a website, do not underestimate the power of social media. Social media is the feeder road to your super highway or the streamlet that keeps your lake alive. You can feature videos or photos showing your operations, which should be end-product oriented. If you are a baker, feature a short video showcasing someone unboxing the cake while the cake remains the center of attraction.  

Social media exhibitions can be an excellent opportunity to tap into your influencer again. Let them be part of the team cutting the cake, and you could show what the cake does to them. If they are athletes, they should demonstrate that they are more powerful after a slice of the cake without going overboard.  A customized hashtag should keep the conversation going whenever somebody posts anything related to your content. Ensure links to your website where they can subscribe are not left out. 

  • Demonstrate Culinary Techniques and Recipes 

Nothing makes people satisfied as the ability to make their food or even snack. And while most people have some basic cooking ability, very few can confidently work on a cake, biscuit, or candy. One thing that keeps you engaged with your audience is letting them know how you make that snack they like. Deliberately and with lots of fun, share cooking or baking techniques with your followers and use them as a marketing strategy to get subscribers.  

While sharing recipes, you can be as elaborate as possible and ensure you both gain. Some ideas that can work perfectly for a baker would be setting monthly cooking goals. You could talk about cake for a month, cumulatively giving weekly updates until you get to the end product.  

In week one, you could talk about the ingredients; in week two, you talk about various flavors and how to achieve them; in week three, you bake; and in week four, you serve the cake with some of your subscribers. You will get even more engagement if you remain consistent with the day and time. You can leave some suspense only available on your website and give them the links to access it. 

  • Launch a Referral Program 

Referrals are still a great way to market our products by utilizing our social capital. While online shoppers are naturally reluctant to purchase products they haven’t tried before, a recommendation by their relative or close friend would make them try it. Potential customers are much more likely to subscribe. A professional referral program should involve incentives for referrers, including tangible gifts like branded t-shirts, hoodies, or water bottles, after achieving several referrals or coupons to access discounts with their purchases. You can make much more steps by creating urgency and reaping from positive impulses. To make it more exciting, incentivize the new customer too so that most newcomers would prefer to come through the channel of referrals.  

  • Share Own Story And Testimonials 

Finally, you must appreciate the power of storytelling. Make a compelling story about yourself in a way that intrigues every potential subscriber at first sight. Your story should not look like a desperate effort to get attention; instead, be composed, confident, and articulate, and let them know what makes your product stand out above the many subscription boxes eager for their signature.  

In your story, you could share your company’s background, focusing on what made you do your first cooking or baking, what you have learned in the process, and what keeps you going. Stories have power, and you can do great harm by underestimating them. You can also tell your story through testimonials of your frequent users to share with potential subscribers how other users feel about your products. Avoid the temptation to change your story to make it more appealing. Few things are as bad as having customers realize you lied to them.  


Getting a list of reliable subscribers can take you to the top of your game. Snack subscription strategies demand accuracy and tact in a way that drives people to your website and has them make recurring purchases. This article guides you on simple steps to have your heads turned your way. 

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