February 28, 2023

5 Things To Know About Breckenridge Bourbon

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If you have not heard, bourbon is not lawfully required to be produced in Kentucky. During the next 5 minutes, it would be appreciated if you all remain calm, although many spirit enthusiasts disagree with this statement. Because it is produced at 9,600 feet above sea level, learning about Breckenridge, Colorado, and the area’s topography is essential to understanding the spirit. 

Some consider the Breckenridge Bourbon the most expertly blended bourbon produced in the United States. Perhaps the high altitude and pure water of the Rocky Mountains are to blame. 

Continue reading to learn about the five traits that set apart this bourbon.

  1. Simple Blend With a Deep Background

Colorado-based Breckenridge Distillery is an acclaimed distillery that was established in 2007. Their elevation of 9,600 feet has earned them the title of “highest distillery in the world.” They are proud of where they are because it lets them make “whiskey with snowmelt from the Rocky Mountains” and gives them a distinctive location to age every whiskey they produce. 

Many other spirits are produced by Breckenridge Distillery, made at the Colorado factory. The distillery also creates other whiskeys, such as Bourbon Single Barrel, Port Cask Finish, Rum Cask Finish, Madeira Cask Finish, and Distillers High Proof, in addition to the Breckenridge Bourbon Whiskey.

The high rye mash American-style blended bourbon whiskey produced at Breckenridge Distillery has become its most recognizable product. For a good reason, Breckenridge Bourbon has won more awards than any other craft bourbon available on shelves. The distinguished, high-rye Bourbon Whiskey is blended in fresh, charred American oak barrels to bring out its distinct flavors after it’s matured for at least three years. 

  1. Unrivaled Scent

This bourbon has a strong rye presence. Before you become aware of the high rye mash bill, you’ll probably smell copious levels of effervescent peppermint and pine, accompanied by smooth rye bread, light wood, and alcohol. This seasoning is not as spicy or hot as black pepper. There are hints of lemon, caramel, and butter beneath the rye. When you sniff it more, you can smell some sour corn mash. 

Breckenridge Bourbon boasts a pleasant assortment of aromas characteristic of high-rye bourbons and rye whiskeys, including Sazerac 6, which contains only 51% rye. If anything, this bourbon’s aromas are circular and gentle, possibly due to its age and low proof. Proof and age aren’t the only things that affect how something smells; in this case, they make it less potent.

  1. A Flavor and Aftertaste to Recall

The initial flavor is predominantly peppermint, comparable to high-rye bourbons, with light to moderate levels of honey and caramel and barely vanilla. Due to the sensitive nature of peppermint, additional flavors can emerge. When you probe deeper, you will detect a hint of orange juice’s tangy sweetness.

A reasonable amount of alcohol, some cooked maize, and a mild roasted wood flavor come to the surface when you swish the drink around your tongue, but not the musty wood flavor. Unexpectedly, there is something vegetal, such as raw springtime veggies mixed. The raw chocolate powder will briefly enter your mouth, too, but it quickly fades away. The finish is mild and lingering, tasting moderately woody and peppermint-like, reminiscent of chewing gum. The corn mash flavor is also present, although it doesn’t remain. Remember that the subtle nuances in this are easily missed if you give it your full attention while sipping.

  1. Worth Sharing

Here is an instance of a bourbon that serves multiple purposes. You may share it with your pals who are serious about their bourbon, and they’ll adore it just as much as you would. You should not worry about offending anyone if you share it with someone who enjoys their bourbon in a mixed drink. (But please show some reverence to the bourbon by creating a refined cocktail.) You may mix in some water to help those struggling to drink bourbon in its pure form.

The bottle typically costs around $40 on average. When considering the bourbon’s age in isolation, some people will think the price is too high. Yet, if you take a moment to give the bourbon a good taste, you will quickly conclude that this is a reasonable price for a bourbon of this caliber.

  1. Smooth Drinking Experience

A burning sensation that starts in the back of the throat and lingers for a considerable time accompanies each drink. To put it mildly, the burn is delightful. This bourbon is relatively young, but no one mentions this fact at the end due to the remarkable drinking experience. 

There are many compelling reasons in favor of including this in your home bar. Absolutely nothing else is of any significance. However, if you require more convincing, remember that this bourbon was produced in the highlands instead of Kentucky, and it’s just a few years old.


Breckenridge Blended Bourbon is a drink that doesn’t try to be too fancy. Overall, it has light, subtle tastes that make it a pleasure to sip. Most people who try this bourbon can’t deny that it tastes good. It’s a terrific way to dip your toe into the bourbon pool, as it contains traditional features and is easy on the tastebuds. That’s why a bottle of Breckenridge bourbon is a nice thing to have on hand for company or as a relaxing nightcap. 

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