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When starting your new business, it is essential to stand out from your competitors in this age of stiff rivalry. For your startup, to pique customer attention, an apt, attractive, and memorable name is essential. The name you choose should be relevant to your startup, products, and branding, evolving over the years. These days, you will find many business name-creator tools to help you make your company visible to your audiences.

According to an article published in Forbes, never undervalue the significance of naming your enterprise. The right name can make your business but an incorrect approach will break it. Here are three common mistakes to avoid when thinking of a name for your startup:

  1. Selecting a difficult business name

If a name for your startup is hard to spell or speak, let go of it. An overly complex name will eventually fail to stay in the minds of your potential customers. There is no point in using vague metaphors that your audience cannot fathom. Also, avoid technical names.

You can create a new business name by merging two words without committing any spelling errors. All you need to do is use your common sense and creativity. Keep things neat, short, and simple to make your brand name pop.

  1. Don’t be too local

Some entrepreneurs tend to use local names, especially when it comes to a service-based company. This is a huge mistake and must be avoided. For instance, if you have a flower store in a suburban area, avoid using the name of that place in your business. Try using intelligent business name creator apps to come up with a name that suits your services offered together with your brand theme.

Being local may affect your business poorly because customers living outside the particular region may jump to a conclusion that your services aren’t meant for them. Always think that your startup will expand in the future and so, choose a more global name right from inception.

  1. Avoid playing safe

It’s your company’s name and therefore, don’t play too safe. You might be wondering what does that mean? Well, some entrepreneurs use generic or obvious names for their startups. Even if you are dealing with hardware parts, you don’t need to select a boring or generic name. No matter what business you own or which products you sell, a unique name makes a real impact on your customers and employees.

Think of a name that evokes the theme or persona of your business. Stay away from commonly used words like pinnacle, smart, or innovative in the business name. These are extremely predictable and fail to create the best impact. Think of a name that focuses on customer service, brand value, and product benefits without being too elaborate or descriptive.


Now that you are ready with these tips, avoid naming mistakes. If you are in a hurry to launch your business, make use of business name creator tools for a quick solution. Most essentially, take feedback from your audiences.