March 14, 2023

Boost Your Music: Tips For Successful Spotify Playlist Promotion 

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Spotify is an online music, video, and podcast streaming service that gives you access to a wide variety of content from millions of artists worldwide. Since its founding on 23rd April 2006 by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon, Spotify has established itself as a powerhouse in online music streaming, commanding about 30.5% of the global market share. Spotify records over 489 million monthly active users, including 205 million paying subscribers, as of December 2022, and over 40,000 tracks uploaded daily. 

Such a massive space for artists and music lovers is a great opportunity for any upcoming artist who wants to pitch their tent with the high and mighty regarding creating a name and a gigantic pool of active audience. Yet as promising as it looks, promoting your music on Spotify is not a walk in the park. The many users mean stiff competition, and only those who stand out thrive. As an artist, you must stand out if you will harvest from this promising pool. 

As hard as it may sound, it’s no rocket science. You can establish yourself and build a massive audience with accuracy and tact. You are the next big thing if you can build your audience organically (a digital marketing strategy that helps you naturally generate traffic to your website rather than use paid marketing approaches) and through legit sponsored options. 

Avoid all the tempting crafty hacks promising a million followers in twenty-four hours. The following tips will set you up and boost your music on Spotify: 

1. Sign Up for A Reliable Spotify Promotion Service

New artists always have the challenge of getting heads raised in their direction. The competition and the power of established artists make it hard to penetrate the market using only organic music marketing strategies. 

So, organic strategies like engaging with the audience, enhancing the quality of your content, and sharing with your friends are a much more sustainable and effective way to build a dedicated fan base and grow your presence on the platform. In this case, hiring Spotify playlist promotion services like Electro Music Network will make a massive difference in helping you acquire immense take-off power. 

You must settle for a Spotify playlist placement that works for you. For €15, for instance, you can be assured of a reach of at least 5000, and the number increases with additional coins. Be keen not to fall into illegal schemes that violate Spotify’s policy, as it can lead to the termination of your account and blow away your efforts. 

2. Pitching Your Singles Into A Playlist 

Pitching young music to a playlist can boost you and help you gain and retain a vast audience. Adding your singles to an established playlist enables you to reap the cumulative engagement and get a following. As an upcoming artist, you should go beyond curating your playlist to pitching your singles on user-generated, algorithmic, and editorial playlists.  

3. Establishing Spotify For Artists’ Account  

With technological growth, “everyone” is claiming to be a musician. Verifying your artist profile will give you legitimacy and make everyone take you seriously. There is power in the blue tick, and you will get all the benefits and privileges that go to professional Artists’ accounts. With your professional account, you can maintain a compelling homepage with a high-resolution profile avatar, an updated photo gallery, and a precise bio.  

4. Promoting Your Music On the Social Media

You can utilize social media to boost your music. Social Media promotion is quite reliable in that it exposes you to a familiar audience you have been engaging with on other grounds and that forms part of your community. For a successful social media promotion, you must precede your efforts with a strong social media presence and great engagement. Creating and using popular hashtags can boost your social media engagement and drive traffic to your Spotify music. Encourage your friends and followers to employ those hashtags while sharing your music.  

5. Collaboration With Other Spotify Musicians

Collaboration with other artists is a great way to boost your music by benefitting from other artists’ efforts as they benefit from yours. Collaboration is so powerful that even established musicians like Ed Sheeran (who has the most considerable following on Spotify) still appreciate and use it. When you collaborate with other artists, you reap from their audience as they reap yours, and you end up accessing as many followers as they have. This is an enormous boost, especially if they have a good following.  

6. Adding Lyrics To Your Music

Have you ever loved some music yet been unsure of the lyrics so that you end up saying other things or lisping? It happens most of the time to many listeners if they can’t get the words well. You can solve this by adding lyrics to your music and making your audience have a good time getting your message as they enjoy the music. 

Moreover, you can also add the lyrics to your songs via music catalog services such as Musixmatch and allow your audience to get all you have for them. This will create a good connection and more engagement.  

7. Monitor Your Analytics

Intelligent Spotify streaming promotion demands that you keep abreast of some valuable statistics. These may include the demographics and the level of engagement with your audience. A “Data Science Case Study: What Makes Spotify Playlist Successful” can help you know the parameters you need to consider while analyzing to help you put things in perspective. If you run a paid Spotify ad, you can gain insights into the demographics of those who viewed it, ads served, ad clicks, CTR, ad frequency, and advertising reach via Spotify Ad Studio.   

8. Establishing Consistency on Your Spotify By Uploading Music Regularly And Maintaining Quality 

Consistency will separate achievers from everyone else. If you upload once and do everything right, including social media engagement, paid promotions, etc., and stop, you will not sustain your audience because of obsolescence. Be consistent in uploading and engaging your audience. While working on consistency, don’t forget to maintain quality. It will be dangerous if your audience realizes that you are keen on their engagement at the expense of quality. 

If you do a good job, you don’t need to do much in the promotion – Quality sells!  

Bottom Line

Promoting your music on Spotify is a great step to help you gain an audience and earn more. This can be done using several techniques requiring accuracy and tact. Avoid falling victim to illegal cheap schemes that can cost you your verified account. We’ve discussed eight tips to help you turn the heads of Spotify users and help you gain a massive following.  

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