October 31, 2023

Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities Tech Firms Should Watch Out

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Security threats can set any company on high alert. You probably have heard of terms like security events, threats, and security incidents. They all might sound like the same, but their meanings are different. A technology firm is highly exposed to these attacks and threats since the company carries sensitive materials. The IT infrastructure of a tech firm must be protected from security vulnerabilities for optimized performance. This post will uncover cybersecurity vulnerabilities that tech firms should watch out for. Keep walking with us to learn more!

Cybersecurity vulnerabilities for tech firms:

Technology and software companies contain tons of useful and sensitive data. Cyber-attackers might be interested in this data as they can use it for manipulation. Your data and IT infrastructure might be exposed during a security event; you must be mindful of the terrible consequences. What would happen if your tech company suffers from a data breach or a security incident? You can’t think of the outcomes! The following list will reveal a few vulnerabilities technology companies must NEVER overlook. These threats can put your company at stake, lowering your sales and shattering your brand image. Let us dive deep into the list!

1. Insider threats:

Insider threats involve no external body or cyber-attacker. It all begins from within. Staff members with authorized access to critical network infrastructures can cause these threats. They can intentionally or unintentionally misuse the access power to adversely affect your company’s critical data and network. Your employees might be careless while dealing with the critical infrastructure. What if they leave the database exposed or unguarded? Attackers will never miss this opportunity!

Untrained employees often click on phishing emails and download malware content, which leads to data breaches. They also inadvertently email customer information to untrusted external parties. These internal events can lead to terrible security consequences in the long run.

2. Phishing attacks:

Have you ever received a fake email that looks legitimate? Beware of opening these emails or clicking on the link. Cyber-attackers can launch a phishing attack, often employing social engineering to trick you. They will ask your employees to break normal security breaches without letting them know. If anyone asks for confidential information like names, addresses, credit card numbers, or other financial data, you should never respond to the call or email.

Technology companies receive hundreds of phishing emails in a week; smart ones will never respond to them. Do you want to protect your IT infrastructure from these attacks? You should hire cybersecurity companies Abu Dhabi and ask them for help!

3. DDoS attacks:

Another security vulnerability for tech firms is distributed denial of services (DDoS) attacks. Multiple compromised machines will attack your server, website, or other network resources in this attack. Your website or server will go out of order due to multiple requests and heavy load. Flooding incoming messages and connection requests will slow or crush your website/server.

Technology companies often complain about these attacks as if they are normal to happen. The attack can deny services to legitimate users and systems, risking everything. Implementing technology and several helping tools to monitor your network activities and filter connection requests would be best.

4. Drive-by download attacks:

A drive-by download attack is probably the most sophisticated technique hackers can use. A malicious code or content is downloaded from a website or browser without letting the user know. The attacker will never ask you to click on a link or download something from an integrated OS; accessing the browser can start the download. Tech firms must be watchful of these techniques!

Cybercriminals can use this attacking technique to inject malicious codes and banking trojans. They can steal sensitive information or introduce exploit kits by using drive-by attacks.

5. Malware and virus:

Your organization’s system can easily be destroyed with malware material and viruses. Attacks can inject this virus using multiple techniques. A computer virus is a malicious code replicating itself into other programs and files on your network. A single malicious code can ruin your piles of data within minutes. Why not protect against these worms? The virus will remain dormant until someone activates it unknowingly.

The infection will spread across your network or database without your knowledge or permission. You should quickly run protective measures and software to kill the virus and protect your sensitive info from being corrupted. Do you want to enhance your network security? You better hire cybersecurity companies Abu Dhabi and ask them for modern-day security strategies!

Protect your tech firm from vulnerabilities!

A technology firm is exposed to various attacks and data breaches. Being an owner or manager, you should be smart enough to implement strategies and use tools to monitor network activities. Common vulnerabilities to your IT infrastructure include insider threats, phishing attacks, and malware. Drive-by attacks and DDoS attempts can also expose your tech database to data breaches and security threats.


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