December 15, 2022

Dental crowns are becoming the face of cosmetic and restorative dentistry –few things you need to know!

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A missing tooth was a matter of concern two decades ago. But today, modern-day dentistry has evolved to a considerable extent. Anyone who lacks a tooth can get the same restored through a dental transplant.

Dental crowns are teeth restorations that reinforce the severely damaged teeth. The crowns are used for repairing the teeth that have broken or cracked to provide security and enhance the tooth that has undergone massive damage. Once you are done with the root canal therapy, the tooth crown gets used to reinforce the strength of the tooth. It is essential since it helps restore the teeth’ function thoroughly, securing your teeth from further damage and enhancing the smile. It will help if you read more about dental crowns before saying yes.

  • The essential facts about dental crowns that you need to know

Just because dental crowns help the cause to restore a dental crown doesn’t mean you make an impulsive decision to opt-in for it. Here are five essential factors you need to know to choose wisely.

  • Is a dental crown for you?

Once you visit the dentist, you will get to know the truth. Here the dentist will review the teeth and assess and analyze the choices before suggesting a dental crown. Some of the few reasons for which you might need a tooth crown are:

  • It can help you to damage the tooth restoration
  • To secure the tooth, which is crackled, weak and decaying
  • After you have had a dental implant for concealing, securing, and disguising the implant
  • It is applicable when you are modifying the appearance of the tooth cosmetically
  • What is the crown type that is apt for you?

Dental teeth crowns are available in multiple materials such as ceramic, metal, porcelain, zirconia, and composite resin. A few of these materials can get combined. Here a dentist can select the material for the crown depending on the following:

  • The tooth location and the placement of your gum tissue
  • The tooth function needed a crown
  • The tooth visibility when you smile
  • The teeth color encompassing the one who needs the crown
  • The natural teeth piece that is present there
  • The crown placement process

The process for a tooth crown can occur similarly and in another possible way. Here the dentist decides on the crown placement process depending on the time created for the process. Here, the multiple procedures need at least two dentist visits. When you opt for the first visit, the dentist can review the tooth and prepare it for crowning. A tooth impression and its encompassing teeth get made and then forwarded to the lab so the crown can get customized. The dentist places a temporary crown on the tooth to ensure it’s safe. And when you opt in for the second visit, the dentist will cement the lab-made crown on the tooth of the patient.

However, opting in for the same-day process needs just one visit. The dentist takes a digital image of the teeth and then uses it to create the crown as you wait. The new crown gets cemented to the tooth, which gets affected.

  • What is the lifespan of the dental crown?

The dental crown can last between 5 to 15 years, based on the crown type and the care provided. The pure ceramic and porcelain crowns are usually natural to look at, but they might not be as robust as the porcelain and metal fused to the metal crowns. The pure resin crowns aren’t permanent. On the other hand, the gold crowns last longer. Having said that, once you get a crown, the dentists can advise the patients on caring for the tooth for the crown to last long.

  • How much does the dental crown cost?

The dental crowns vary based on the cost of the material used for making them same. The price also depends on the crown size. The gold crowns are the most costly, followed by the porcelain crowns. The dental crowns that get made of metal alloy are slightly cheaper. Extensive preparation work, such as the dentist’s root canal or dental implant before placing the crown, can increase the treatment cost.

  • What are the guidelines that you need to care for the dental crown?

Taking great care of the dental crown can prolong the lifespan and ensure fewer dentist visits. Some of how you can take care of the dental crown are:

  • It would help if you flossed daily
  • Go ahead and brush your teeth twice a day and focus on the crown
  • It would help if you didn’t bite on the hard things or chew hard on the food that might crack the crown
  • You need to clench your teeth and also avert grinding
  • Are there any side effects that you need to know?

Often people who want to choose a dental crown to think about whether or not there is a side effect of the same or not. You will find that the internet is filled with articles about a few negative aspects of modern-day dentistry. But you must ensure access to the truth before making a decision.

The only side effect that can happen is that the patient might feel that the crown is sticking out. It is expected because the height is artificial, and the patient might take some time to adjust to it. The crowned tooth might be subject to minimal sensitivity for the first few days. But once the dentist recommends medicated toothpaste, start using it because it can bring down the sensitivity. However, if the patient witnesses any sworn gums or have other issues, they need to get in touch with the dentist to remedy the same.

Get in touch with the leading dentist in your city. At times, the patient might find that they are getting an appointment for a later date. They need to explain the urgency of the situation so that they get an immediate appointment. When they meet the dentist, they must present their problem in detail.


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