May 29, 2019

Fishing on Lake Norman

Lake Norman
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Fishing on Lake Norman is just as popular as swimming in the lake. The quality of fishing is so good that Lake Norman is a popular stop on many major fishing tournament trails.

April, May, and June are usually the best warm weather months for good fishing. And, the winter months are popular with anglers. It amazes me how many boats I see zooming along over 30 miles-per-hour on the lake on a frigid January day!

Largemouth bass spotted bass, catfish, crappie, stripers, white perch and bream are the most likely fish you will catch on Lake Norman.  However, it depends on the time of year as to which type of fish you will catch.

Fish are constantly moving around Lake Norman. So, according to local fishing guide Gus Gustafson, “the best places to fish by boat depends on the season of the year and the species of fish you are after. As a rule, the islands adjacent to, and just north of the state park in the main river channel, produce lots of fish. Reed and Davidson Creeks at the lower end of the lake are also popular fishing areas. Also, the hot holes yield bass year-round and stripers, perch and cats are caught there in the winter. Finally, other good bets are the bridges that crisscross the river and creek channels.”

Furthermore, anyone 16 and over who fishes in public waters are required to have a valid fishing license. You can obtain one at many local bait shops, larger sporting goods stores, and from the state online at

For more fishing information, check out and

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Lake Norman

May 29, 2019