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“In My View”

From The Desk Of Commissioner Jim Duke

Hello Everyone,

Please Vote Tomorrow, November 2nd

Lions, Tigers, and NI’s Oh My!    The four non-incumbents (NI’s) have banded together in common cause to throw the current board out.  It is a slate that promises to solve problems not of the Town’s making with tools that absolutely will not work!  Simply put, the “pause” they propose is a moratorium and a moratorium on residential development is not permissible under state law!  You would have thought they would have investigated that.  The Town’s legal review has confirmed this is not legal.  In my tenure I have never seen such an effort, one that belies facts for what are scare tactics.  Yes, we have traffic, but that traffic is being addressed with a slew of road projects.  Cornelius has more road projects coming than any municipality in the entire region.  Are we over-crowded?  That my friends, is in the eye of the beholder. Yes, we are growing, but that growth is being carefully managed and scheduled.

Why Dave Gilroy’s “Slate” Is Dangerous!   First, members of the slate are not running on their record, history, or ability.  They are running on group think!  Vote for us and we’ll “fix it”!  While working early voting at Town Hall, I learned about this gang of four.  On first blush, they look sincere and out to help you the voter.  Upon closer examination, out of the four, only two have ever served on a town committee or board.  One served on the Planning Board but was not reappointed.  Their leader is a prior commissioner who was voted out last time when he ran with his wife.  Don’t get me wrong, I both like and respect Dave Gilroy, but he has been out of sync with every Mayor and of Town Commissioners for term after term.  Yet, he persists with his single-minded view of “his” Cornelius.

Now, this “slate” wishes to take control of our Town’s well-crafted and disciplined planning process, shut the door to those drawn to what is arguably one of the best places to live, all with the argument that we are too full to accept the very folks that will make our small businesses work and add character and diversity to our maturing Town.   Growth needs to be managed not stopped!

Harsh, I know, but should three of these “slate” members get elected they would set this Town back for years and reverse the progress that is bringing small business and progress to Cornelius.  They would not support a market pay system that makes police and fire staff retention possible.  They speak with one voice and deny the truth when confronted with fact.  In my view, this crew is a disaster in the making.

A Pretty Good Job!   By any standard your current Board has successfully navigated what has been unprecedented regional explosive growth by insisting on quality construction, reducing the number of units allowed, and tying all actual construction to the arrival of NCDOT road improvements.  Amended projects that have weathered a daunting approval process must wait until we have roads to accommodate them.  I urge all voters to return this board to Town Hall.

Let’s Be Honest!   My job is on the line here!  I am honored to serve and if elected, I will continue to place rural preservation, appropriate maintenance of our Parks and Recreations venues, and well managed growth as Job One!

Each sitting Commissioner is running an individual campaign and asking for your vote.  I only ask that you evaluate each of us on how well we have listened and how we have acted on your behalf.  Please be sure to vote, it’s that important!!  Please forward these thoughts to your friends and family and vote tomorrow, Tuesday, November 2nd!!!


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