May 8, 2023

Grow Your Audience: Effective Podcast Marketing Strategies

Lake Norman

If you love talking about your business and your work, you might enjoy getting on a podcast and spreading the word about your company via that route. Some services will help you create a podcast that people will want to listen to, and that will help you grow your audience and build your company.

Talk About Something that Means Something to You:

You want your podcast to seem authentic, and you want those who listen to feel a connection with you. One of the easiest ways of being authentic and connecting well when talking is to talk about something you are passionate about. If you focus on a topic that means something to you while working on your podcast, you will talk freely and naturally and connect well with your audience. Think about what you would like to share with the world, and focus your podcast on something you enjoy talking about and think will be helpful.

Talk About Something that Means Something to Consumers:

Not only do you want to make the podcast about something that means something to you, but you need to make sure that it will be of value to those who take the time to listen to it. As you consider potential podcast topics, think about what consumers want to know. What will help consumers see your company as one that can benefit them? Choose a podcast topic that will get a lot of people to listen to it, and make sure that you cover it thoroughly so that it can be of value to those who listen. Consider the language you use on the podcast, too, so you do not turn anyone off.

Make the Podcast a Good Length:

When using podcast marketing services, you want the podcast you record to be something people will willingly listen to. You must make it a good length to get people to give the podcast a chance. You might talk with the marketing team at the company you are using to put together the podcast to see how long they think it should be, or you might look into things yourself and see what type of podcast length people enjoy most. You want your podcast to be long enough to be informative, but you don’t want it to be so long that it turns people off and makes them feel like it would be boring.

Get the Word Out About the Podcast:

Once you have recorded a podcast, find people who will listen to that podcast. Share the podcast on the social media page of your business, and consider also sharing it on your personal social media page. Encourage your customers to share the podcast by setting up a giveaway for those who do that. Find ways of making the podcast visible to those who live in the area where your business is set up and also to those across the country who might be interested in the information shared in it. When sharing your podcast, include key information from it that might draw people in.

Use Podcasts to Bring Attention to Your Website:

The more podcasts that you create and share on your business’s website, the more traffic that you will get to that website. The podcasts contain keywords that are relevant to your business, and sharing them on your website can help the website show up better in search engines. Focus on creating podcasts that are fully relevant to your business and its website, and make sure you post each one on the website and keep it available there.

Podcasts can be educational and entertaining, and being interviewed for one can be fun. When you create a podcast that is focused on something that relates to your business, you help consumers connect with your business in a new way. Find a marketing service that will help you assemble a professional podcast containing good information, then get that podcast posted on your website and shared on social media.


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