March 8, 2023

Guest Post Services

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Guest blogging is an easy way to attract new visitors to check out your site. Working with a variety of guest bloggers will secure new readers. The trick is to keep them coming back based on the quality of your content. you can try a trusted blogging platforms called techmarkes.

The basic idea behind guest blogging is a win/win: you

Offer your platform to a guest blogger to share their opinion or expertise on a topic in exchange for access hoping to attract fans from each community of followers.

The formula offers obvious mutual benefits, but it also needs to be fair to who you want to write for.

 It’s all about the niche market.

 Ultimately, the potential blogger’s niche needs to jibe with your niche or it’s all for naught – you can’t write about the awesomeness of The Clash on a blog devoted to Jim Henson movies. While there is likely to be some crossover, the whole idea is a bit odd and may leave some readers confused. There is a lot that goes into this mix.


The first thing you need to consider is the quality of the work. Does your potential blogger weigh in? Do people follow their work? A blogger needs to offer something unique to your readers. There is a lot of content out there, and if your content isn’t readable, visitors will go elsewhere.

When evaluating someone to contribute to your blog, you need to think about three areas:

Do we have the same niche?


  • Is our niche similar?
  • Can they bring traffic?
  • Do they follow? Are people visiting their page?

Let’s say you run a blog called, ‘The Joy of Cheese’. Perhaps you get a few requests a month asking if you’d be interested in accepting guest content.  Since your blog is all about cheese, you decide on someone who knows her cheddar, obsesses about blue cheese, and can spot an inconsistent provolone from a mile away. The trick here is to get the unique, high-quality traffic, but you also want your new visitors to keep checking the blog out and rely on you as a source of great content that speaks to their interests.

Backlinking, market sharing, and spreading the word

 Back links are one of the biggest, most important pieces of the content puzzle. By linking the two blogs together, it provides an opportunity to share the audience. One important thing to remember about backlinking is to do the author—and yourself—a favor by not relying on a vague author box.

Instead, opt for  link at the end of the post  and  give  a  short  bio. Here is an example:

“This guest post was written by Elena who blogs at Cheesy but Easy. If you’d like to contribute an article, see the guest posting guidelines. We’d love to hear your cheese story.”

By doing this, you are showing your guest blogger that you are giving them some love too. It also avows other potential writers that you’re open to guest posting and building a network. Blogs that only box the author’s bio can be ineffective. People reading your blog via an rises feed won’t land on your guest author blog because of how signatures are placed in the content flow.

Make sure you have the rules in place.

If you are going to allow guest posting, put the guidelines on the page, so that interested authors can get all their information in one place.

 This will serve as a landing page, but will also give some insight into what mutually beneficial results guest posting on your site leads to. If you’re using Word Press, there are some plugging like Query Monitor or Easy Query that send queries directly to a specific inbox along with automatic submission Best Laptops under $700.


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