May 8, 2023

How Can a Mesothelioma Attorney Help You Secure Compensation?

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Asbestos is a natural material used in the construction industry for years. It went into the siding used outside homes and on the ceilings and walls inside. Exposure to asbestos increases your risk of developing mesothelioma, a type of cancer with a low survival rate. Mesothelioma causes many symptoms ranging from fatigue and changes to your appetite to muscle pain and weakness. If you or a loved one are diagnosed with mesothelioma, you should consider why you need an attorney and what they can do for you.

Document Your Claim

One reason you should work with a mesothelioma attorney is that they help you document your claim. This requires that you gather any evidence you have. You may need OSHA reports that show your employer knew the building had asbestos or you were exposed to the material and that they did nothing to solve the problem. Your attorney will also help you collect any documents from your doctor that show your diagnosis and proof of any costs you paid due to your mesothelioma.

File a Lawsuit

You usually need to file a mesothelioma lawsuit to get the money you deserve. It can take months and even years for the case to go in front of a judge. During the entire period, your attorney will be there to answer any questions you have and help you prepare for the next step. If you file a lawsuit on behalf of someone who passed away, your attorney can help you file a claim that covers their funeral expenses. They also ensure that you file within the statute of limitations in your state.

Establish the Needed Compensation

You should not go to court without a number in mind. This number covers the total amount of compensation you believe you deserve. Working with a mesothelioma professional ensures you don’t forget about any expenses or damages you can claim. You usually want to start with anything you can document, such as the medical bills associated with seeing a doctor or cancer specialist and your treatments.

Your travel expenses let you file for any money you paid to travel for help, such as hotel rooms and toll road fares. Most mesothelioma claims also include damages that pay for the patient’s pain and suffering.

Settle Your Case

An attorney with experience in mesothelioma cases can also help you settle your case. Mesothelioma has a survival rate of just 30% after five years. You may not want to spend your or your loved one’s last few years fighting in court. With a settlement, you work with the responsible manufacturer or individual to decide on a figure. Though you will not get as much as you might get with a trial, you usually get the money faster. Your attorney can let you know if the other side has a trust that will pay the settlement, too,

Go to Trial

You can go to trial if you don’t mind waiting for your compensation. Your attorney may recommend that you try to settle before you go forward. They will help you decide on the figure to seek and collect the needed evidence. You often need proof of your diagnosis and treatment options and any lost wages or medical bills related to your mesothelioma. The attorney will file motions with the court and handle any legal paperwork you need. You cannot file a mesothelioma lawsuit without help from a licensed attorney.

Seek Compensation for Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma can wreak havoc on your life. It causes so much fatigue that many patients must quit their jobs and spend more time at home. Others lose a lot of weight because they no longer have an appetite and suffer from sore muscles and joints. Mesothelioma causes coughing too, which can disrupt your sleep.

Always consult with an attorney once you or a loved one receives a mesothelioma diagnosis. They help you determine if you have a case against another person or company and what steps to take. Other ways an attorney helps with a mesothelioma case include deciding whether to go to trial or settle.



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