May 29, 2023

How Can You Verify if Someone is Stalking You on Instagram?

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Instagram is a very famous application that people use whenever they want to connect with people however there are also many people who feel vary of the fact that someone might be stalking them on the application. there are quite a number of people who think that there might be someone who is stalking them on the application and this is why in the guide, we are going to tell you how to tell if someone is stalking you on Instagram.

If you are also wondering how to determine if you are being stalked on Instagram then, you need to read all the instructions that we are giving here carefully.

How Can You Know Who Is Watching on Your Instagram?

There are only a few methods that people can use on Instagram when they want to check the people who are continuously visiting and viewing their Instagram account in fact, the only way you have the application is the Instagram story.

If you have posted a new story on the application then, you 1will be able to see all the Instagram accounts that have viewed your Instagram story so if you are thinking about how to see who stalks your Instagram then, Instagram stories are your best option.

If you feel that a person is stalking you on the application then, you can use different features present in the application to see whether this person is constantly observing your Instagram account. If you want to determine the same, you can use the “hide Story from” feature to see if this person views your story multiple times.

The “Hide story From” feature allows you to hide your Instagram story from anyone that you want to hide the story from. You can hide your story from everyone else apart from the person who you suspect is stalking you and after that, all the activities on your level will only come from this account so if you observe that your view count is increasing then, the only person responsible for that situation is this person.

Check Your Follower List

Another method to see who viewed your Instagram profile, check your followers list and find if there is any suspicious person who is following you but does not have any profile picture or any posts. Moreover, if the person is following only you or a few people and has not posted anything in their profile then you might be stalked by someone on Instagram.

With this method, you can easily verify whether you are getting Insta stalk or not however, if you are not able to verify the same then, there are other methods too that you can use like third-party applications as these applications will tell you more than the Instagram application is telling you.

Switch to Private Account

To get rid of the situation where someone is stalking you, the best solution is to change your account to private. A private account has some limitations that the user has to follow. In this account, users have to ask requests for following you or not. To change your profile to private, here is the method to try:

  • Open your Insta account and go to the settings menu.
  • Then you need to choose “Privacy” under “Settings”.
  • You should turn on the “Private Account” toggle under “Account Privacy”.

I am sure you have understood all the instructions we have given in the guide.

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May 29, 2023