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“In My View”

By: Jim Duke

Hello Everyone,

 I Hope to See You at the Polls:  Early voting in Cornelius starts   Monday, October 21st and runs through November 1st.   Election  Day is November 5th with a vote-counting party at Alton’s after the polls are closed.  I will be at Town Hall during early voting each day to shake your hand.

Would You Volunteer on Election Day?   Please contact Volunteer Coordinator Sharon Washam at 704 575 6643 or Email to [email protected].  She will get you a spot and time at the polls on Election Day.  Poll volunteers will be given our classic white and blue Tee shirts. If any of you would like a taste of civics first hand please contact Sharon to help for just four hours!  She’ll get you a shirt and a time slot.  These Tees will soon become collectible items. [lol}

The 40% Gorilla in the Room:  At the Chamber Forum, someone from the audience asked the “politically incorrect question”  “Do you think it is wise to have 40% of the voting power on the Town Board reside within a single household?”  Five of the seven said politely “NO” while two claimed it was a good idea in that they held separate views and hardly talked.  Interesting and there were chuckles all around!  I guess that the voters will decide this one.

Sorry About the Signs:  With hundreds of signs popping up all over Cornelius, most folks think it is overkill.  They are probably right.  I have put out about 75 signs and promise that they will be gone on November 6th.   Hopefully, signs will generate turnout.
I am perhaps the only candidate pursuing a robust campaign.  Donors have enabled me to put up four themed ads telling my story, plus a ton of signs and two targeted mailings. With fundraising complete, I want to say thank you to those who made it possible to get my message to voters.

Shameless Pandering:  OK, I admit it, I need your vote.  If all who read these newsletters would come out and vote for Jim Duke, we are home free.  Now, here goes the pandering.  I stand against “agenda-driven candidates” who won’t give everyone a fair hearing or be open-minded to change.  Without a counter to the close-minded candidates, our Town will suffer at the hands of the opinionated.  I offer the following credentials for your consideration.

  • I served 4 years as Town Commissioner;
  • For the last two years I have stayed connected to Cornelius and kept you informed;
  • I am a career fiscal manager and budget geek;
  • I am retired and will work full time for you.

Your Vote is Critical:  There are about 4,200 folks in Cornelius who regularly take the time to vote.  This newsletter reaches about 4,000 readers.  Not all of whom regularly vote, but if most of you do this time, we can elect a solid board that ignores rhetoric and sticks with facts.  I hope you believe that I am one of those solids.  Please vote and encourage your friends to vote.  Let’s pack the polls with fact centered voters and keep this great Town on track for a bright future!

I need your support and your vote.  Please help me get back to work for YOU!    Please consider volunteering on Election Day.