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Jan. 24. The last few years have been awesome from a property owner’s point of view.  Their homes are worth considerably more. How much more is becoming apparent today as the new Mecklenburg County tax values come online.

One lakefront property in The Peninsula, with around 5,000 square feet of living area, climbed in value 47 percent. It went from $843,000 in the 2011 valuation to $1,243,500 revaluation, just completed by the Mecklenburg County Tax Assessor’s Office.

“It looks good but I def don’t know if it’s going to feel good,” the homeowner said in an email.

Property value increases between 33 percent and 50 percent seem to be common.  However, the valuation of one home in Preston at the Lake went down $800 between 2011 and now, according to the homeowner. Homes there are generally in the $400K to $500K range.

Property owners are telling Cornelius Today that one house in Oakhurst went up 33 percent.  Another home in Cambridge Grove in Huntersville went up 25 percent.

Q&A with Assessor

Ken Joyner, the Mecklenburg County Assessor, will be the Newsmakers Breakfast speaker Feb. 20 at The Peninsula Club hosted by Cornelius Today and Business Today. Joyner is responsible for the assessment of all real and personal property in Cornelius and throughout the county.

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