December 12, 2022

Set up the New England Style Kitchen anywhere you want – how do you go about it?

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When it comes to the rustic New England-style kitchen, people are bound to love its practicality and simplicity. The seasoned style usually spans multiple nuances, comprising the farmhouse or the colonial style. This shaker style uses nautical whites and neutrals paired with earthy accents, natural textures, and materials. Hence, if you are wondering about a kitchen renovation, it will provide your cooking space with a timeless form and beauty. That is not all. It will also allow you to have a kitchen space that looks pleasing to the eye and is highly functional.

How can you go about designing an authentic New England-style kitchen?

The central aspect of this simple style is the cross-section between function and comfort. It would help if you thought about a kitchen where you can steam up the big batch of fresh shellfish or even retreat for the scones or coffee for braving out a nor’easter.

The sink faucet plays an important role in this style of kitchen. Today, the functionality of a sink faucet is varied based on the model and the make. And you must know about it before you make a purchase. You can choose the classy faucets to look at and does their job correctly. The other features and additions that can help to establish this style of kitchen are:

  1. Ensure that the kitchen cabinets are straightforward

Practicality and function are the basis of the New England-style kitchen. Hence, it would help if you kept it very open, simple, fresh, and functional. Here it would help if you remembered that less is more. It will help you to keep away from the pointless frills. Also, the kitchens comprise a rural or even a colonial impact and a farmhouse style, comprising the open floor plan. Also, the New England style can get streamlined using contemporary aspects. You need to obtain the furniture-like approach as you add the island to the kitchen, select the cabinetry or even have a stand-alone cabinet. Ample comfortable, and cozy seating is essential here.

  1. Count on practicality, function, and quality

What do you think is the essence of this kitchen style? It is the high-end craftsmanship, practicality, and delicate natural materials. Also, these kitchens can have a functional island for abundant storage, food preparation, seating, and cookware. Here the impact of the initial Plymouth Rock settlers is the central aspect. Similarly, the classy shaker style impacted parts of New England along with the close-by upstate New York in the ancient 20th century is also essential.

  1. Add in the neutral seaside colors for the coastal feel 

The principal aspects of the New England style get bound in the natural shades from the sky, sea, and sand. This palette got initially chopped from the raw natural pigments, such as the matter finishes that characterize several New England looks.

It would help if you considered variations like subtle seafaring blues, white, seafoam greens, or even greys. Generally, the darker and the classic accents are usually a sign of the New England coastal style, as the bricks, exposed stone, rafters, and wood plank flooring create the earthy textures.

  1. Say yes to the correct architectural detailing.

The coasting style’s architectural detailing comprises a blend of big airy windows, tongue-and-groove paneling, raftered ceilings, and wide-plant flooring, which is either whitewashed or exposed. The other essential detail includes the following:

  • The exposed stone or earthy brick.
  • Beadboard or wainscoting.
  • The rafters that get exposed or painted add a natural wood texture.

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  1. You should pay attention to the nautical elements

The New England coastline also often translates to the New Jersey coastal style, which is reflected highly in the fishing industry heritage. Hence, the nautical style of the New England kitchen is very rugged. You can also consider adding lanterns, lighting, driftwood, nautical accents, and industrial metals, similar to the craggy stone-lined beaches, dock, lighthouses, and fishing ships the place gets noted for.

  1. It would help if you went overboard with the kitchen cabinetry

The concept of function, instead of symmetry, is usually a priority of the New England kitchen style. That doesn’t indicate that balance doesn’t have a place in the kitchen design. On the other hand, the function needs to be the complete focus as you wish to decide on the elements you intend to add and the place you want to place.

You should also think well when selecting the lower and upper kitchen cabinets. It is optional to fill the overall space to the extent you can. It would help if you didn’t get scared to choose a single scenic cupboard on a single side of the kitchen. You can choose a furniture-like approach for selecting kitchen cabinetry and help develop a space that can cater to all your needs but doesn’t render it extremely busy. Since you spend considerable time in the kitchen, you need to design it correctly.

  1. You need to add a kitchen island for the food preparation

New England kitchen style is only accomplished with an island towards the middle of the space. The island became the staple of the luxurious English home kitchens, which usually functioned as commercial kitchens, along with the big preparation tables, which got accomplished with cupboards, drawers, and sinks. Ideally, islands are known as the kitchen’s heart. There is no physical connection between the appliances and the cabinetry encompassing them. Also, the island stands singularly as the specific location for preparing the food or even collecting a place when you have the space for adding accessible seating.

You need to assess whether or not your existing kitchen space has the necessary space and the layout to integrate the same. It would help if you incorporated these aspects of the New England-style kitchen to install the look. Getting in touch with an expert interior decorator is always beneficial to ensure that you follow the kitchen design correctly and leverage the most out of it. That way, you can get guidance for implementing this kitchen theme.

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