May 12, 2023

Step-by-Step Guide to Meta Verification Ensuring Your Website Is Securely Verified

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Identity theft and copying are among the most prominent crimes committed on social media since someone can create an account in your name and use it to upload anything. Such aspects can easily affect your reputation, especially if you are a celebrity or using the account for other needs such as business. Meta understands this problem and has launched a verification process, Meta Verified.  

Meta Verified offers other benefits such as account protection, a blue check verification, and total control over the account name. In the future, it will be much easier to identify legitimate fake from legitimate accounts based on the blue check badge provided. The subscription service makes it easier for Meta users to get the blue check added to their account to protect their account and a sign of ownership. You can apply for the badge through the following process.  


Select a Profile 


IT Diploma Courses The profile you select will be suitable for speeding up the verification process. Your profile should be brighter and more visible to enable the systems to match and verify it quickly with the details in the identification documents. To do so, go to the settings on Instagram or Facebook, go to the Account Center, and then select Meta Verified.  


Below the Meta Verified, you will get the option of Meta Verified Available. This may not be available for specific devices since Meta Verified is unavailable in every country. It is still on trial and can only be accessed in countries like the USA, New Zealand, and Australia. You must also be 18 years and above to access Meta verify and get the verification approved.   


Secondly, you can only see the Meta Verified option when the app is updated. Therefore, ensure you update your app before you begin the verification process. Once you get the Meta Verified Available option, click on it and proceed to select a profile.  


Under the name and profile photo, you can upload your image, add a name, and confirm the upload. The profile photo you provide must match the face on government documents, and the name provided must match that in your government documents.  


The Payment Process 


Once you successfully upload your profile photo and add a name, you can proceed to set up the payment process. You must pay for the verification within 48 hours once you begin the process lest the verification details will be considered incomplete, and you will have to begin afresh. 


After completing the payment process, Meta will begin the verification process and approve the account. The approval may take a while due to the long waiting list, but it should be between 24 hours and a week. There are occasions when Meta may not successfully verify the details, especially when the uploaded photo is unclear and someone else has verified the account under the same names and documents.  


Meta may not verify the details when there is a contradiction between when the details on your legal documents are not matching the details you provide. If your account fails to meet the verification process, Meta will refund you within 60 days. You have the option to change the documentation and the details provided to meet all the verification standards.  


Verification costs include $14.99 monthly when you sign up using Android or iOS. You can also sign up through the website, which is a little cheaper at $11.99 monthly.  


Upload Your Legal Documents 


The following process is to upload legal documents, including government-approved documents. You can take a picture of your photo uploaded on government documents such as government driving license and passport documents. You also need to take an image of the whole document since Meta will use the uploaded document to cross-reference the provided details with what is available in government databases.  


Next, upload a self-video to confirm your identity and to determine your similarity to the photos you have uploaded on your platform. 


Account Approval 


Upon successfully uploading all documents, Meta will add you to the waiting list for verification. When you pass the verification, Meta will guarantee you the following: account verification with a blue check badge and account protection from impersonation. You also get an exclusive sticker and access to support systems and agents. These are the benefits Meta guarantees for all those who pass the verification process.  


It is much more complicated to access support agents at Meta; in case of any issues with your accounts, it can take longer to resolve the problem. With a verified account, accessing the service agent is much more accessible through multiple platforms, including Meta communication.  


Once you upload the details, nobody can create an account with similar names and details, and if they do so, the account cannot be verified. The verification also limits the number of accounts you can register, which is you can only have one account registered to your name and not more. However, Meta should address this in the upcoming launch of Meta for businesses. This will help clarify how those who use personal accounts for businesses can verify the accounts.  


Who can get Meta Verified 


Meta verification is not for everyone with a Facebook or Instagram account; to get the verification, you must meet the following condition 

Meta verified is available only for individuals with social media accounts since the company is still running trials to verify the businesses. The verification process is also based on terms and conditions provided by the Instagram and Facebook accounts; any violations will likely lead to the rejected verification process.  




The Meta verification process ensures your account is safe from impersonation and provides additional measures to guarantee website safety. The verification brings many benefits, such as increased reach and access to faster support services. Though the verification is still on trial, a global launch can help boost social media account safety. 

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