May 8, 2023

Tips for Finding the Right Alcohol Rehab for You

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If you’re struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, it may be time to get help. A drug or alcohol addiction treatment center can help you get back on track and avoid falling off the wagon while trying to get clean.

Finding the Right Treatment Center


It can be complicated to find the best alcohol rehab in Mississippi to use. Finding a center that has the services to match each patient’s needs is important. For example, if a patient suffers from an alcohol abuse problem and mental health problems, the right treatment center should have the resources to help with both issues.

How to Determine Which Treatment Center is Right For You

1. Get Evaluated


Before you commit to an inpatient treatment center, you or your loved one must receive an evaluation from a licensed psychologist, psychiatrist, or social worker certified in treating substance abuse disorders. An outpatient program or attending meetings at a 12-step recovery center may be the right choice for some individuals. Residential programs may not be the best fit for everyone.


An addiction specialist can often recommend an inpatient treatment program for patients who cannot maintain their recovery and cannot perform their daily activities. After assessing the patient’s condition, the doctor or therapist may recommend a 30-day stay in an inpatient facility.

2. Verify That the Center Has the Proper Resources


Individuals with substance use disorders may have other conditions like anxiety or depression. Before committing to a facility, ensure it has the necessary resources to help treat dual-diagnosis issues. Ask the staff members about the list of services they provide and whether they have any specific programs for your specific type of condition.


3. Ask About Medications Used for Treatment


If you or a loved one is considering using prescription drugs to treat their addiction, ensure that the treatment center you’re considering provides this medication. Some treatment facilities follow abstinence-based approaches to treating opioid addiction, while others prescribe medication.


According to the institute that studies drug abuse, prescription drugs such as methadone and naltrexone can help with retention in programs for heroin users. Some facilities also provide detoxification services designed to help patients get rid of toxic substances in their bodies. However, some don’t provide this type of service.

4. Find A Center Offering Longevity


If you’re considering a facility that’s not been in business for several years, avoid it. Some facilities may be able to provide you with the necessary services, but they might also be operating under unethical practices. Another important rule of thumb is to avoid facilities that are not following a long-term business strategy.

5. Remember That Luxury Doesn’t Always Mean Quality


The average cost of a stay in a rehabilitation center is around several thousand dollars a month. For a 30-day stay, this can range from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars. For a luxurious 30-day stay in a rehabilitation center in California, a person can expect to spend around $64,500.


According to Harry Nelson, the chairman of the board of an organization that focuses on addiction treatment, there are three different types of rehabilitation centers. The high-end programs, typically around $50,000 to $75,000 a month, are usually the most expensive. On the other hand, the middle market, typically between $25,000 and $35,000 a month, is usually the most common type of treatment.


The most expensive rehabilitation centers usually have private rooms and pools, and they’re located in high-end neighborhoods. However, luxury doesn’t always translate into quality.

6. Don’t Be Conned By Guaranteed Success


Predicting the success of an individual recovering from an addiction is not always possible. It’s up to the patient to follow their treatment plan once they leave the facility. One factor that people should consider when choosing a rehabilitation center is the 12-step model. This guides patients into continuing the road to sobriety after treatment and attending support meetings once they stay in the facility.


The first step in getting your life back on track agrees to enter a rehabilitation facility. The next and most important step is to make sure that you find the best center for your needs. Not all alcohol rehab centers are alike.



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