April 11, 2023

What Do You Know About Pallet Delivery Services?

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Pallet delivery involves mounting goods or containers on a pallet; fastening them using strapping, stretch wrap, or shrink wrap; and moving them to their final station. It is a multilevel service involving a few players, and it is to your advantage to understand the entire process. For the newbies in the industry, pallet delivery can be daunting if you are new to the business, so it may be a good idea to decide to locate a pallet delivery company that will guide you effectively through tumultuous and sometimes murky waters.  

Realizing the involvement and the skill required, seeking expert pallet delivery uk services like Solaris Logistics, the highly rated will have everything in control. You can be guaranteed top-notch services with the utmost professionalism, even being granted flexible time slots. You can also benefit from their long-term experience and in-house expertise because they can provide you with Installation & assembly services. Their multiple delivery programs, including same-day delivery, international delivery, emergency delivery, et cetera, make it easier to find a package that suits your need, urgency, and budget.   

Here are some essential things you need to know about pallet delivery services:

Pallet Delivery Preparation

Pallets are perfect for transporting large volumes of goods needing stacking or careful arrangement. Stacking makes it easier to arrange them in the transporting medium, whether a cargo ship or trucks using roads. Seeing to it that your products are safely mounted onto the pallet provides a smooth and feasible system for the people loading them onto trucks or shipping containers. Before your pallet is delivered to transporting agency, fasten it securely to limit any toppling or sliding out of position while in transit. 

Common Types of Pallets

Pallets come in many types, giving you a wide range to choose from. The first important thing to know is that pallets are categorized into a few broad categories: 

Based on dimensions  

Based on dimensions, we have a Euro pallet (measuring  1200mmx800mm, mostly used in Europe), American Pallet (measuring  1200mmx1000mm, mostly used in American and Japanese supply chains), and a few other customized measurements.  

Based on the number of entry points 

These are the points at which the forklift enters the fork to transport: four entry points and two entry points. 

Based on Material 

Material has to do with the material from which the pallet is made. So far, we have four types: Wooden pallets, plastic pallets, metallic pallets, and Cardboard pallets.  

Other Types 

Other bases of categorization include Reversible Pallets (which can be loaded on both upward and downward sides), Closed Pallet (can only be loaded from one side and have the other side closed by a slab), and Wing Pallet (have projections on two or four sides to facilitate the use of fastening mechanism) 

Estimating How Many Cartons Will Fit in a Pallet

 Presuming that palletization begins at the origin, dividing the surface area of the pallet by 1.5 can help you know how many cartons will fit in the pallet. 

The Terminologies  Used in Pallet Transport

Like every sector, pallet transport has some in-house terms that you should know: 

Pallet Courier 

Applies to those transporting a couple of pallets. 

Full Load Service 

This means a shipment that fulfills a full load requirement.  

Partial Load Service 

A shipment that requires delivering a few pallets. 

Dedicated Service 

A dedicated delivery service where a driver picks and delivers your pallets.  

Distribution Network 

It comes with a minimal service fee but may take longer as the palette goes through the distribution chain.

The Best Time of the Year to Buy Pallets

The best time to buy pallets is the last half of the year, which forms the holiday season because pallet sales are at the pinnacle around this time, and you can get the best. However, if you consider the low-price season the best time to buy, you do it during the summer. 

Are Plastic Pallets Safer

Contrary to most people’s expectations, plastic pallets are more durable than wooden pallets, hence safer to invest in. This is because they consist of a single piece that is entire and with less chance of wear and tear.

Tips to Consider When Settling on a Transporter

Before you settle on a transporter, check their method of loading and unloading (it is safer to choose those with forklifts and more safety equipment). You should also know their willingness to offer services if you are short of numbers.  The golden tip is to know the terms and choose the most favorable.

Carrying a Pallet

Carrying pallets may require more than one person. At least two people would be comfortable lifting it from both sides. In a warehouse, forklifts will be employed, limiting manual involvement. 

Finding a Perfect Courier

To find the best and correct quote for courier services, you should understand the fine details of our package. How many pallets, types of goods, their dimension, etc., are essential facts you need to have at your fingertips. 

Receiving Your Pallet

When you receive your pallet, you should always check the condition of the goods before you pick them up because the agency cannot accept responsibility for any damages detected after pick up. 


Pallet delivery service is an excellent solution to logistics and modern-day delivery. Pallets enhance the safety of your shipments in and off transit and make their handling quite efficient. This article offers the nitty-gritty of the pallet delivery system, equipping you with all the vital information you need for safe and successful engagement.  

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