May 5, 2023

Why is the antivirus program not scanning Windows 10 PC?

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Antivirus is an essential application that is required on all gadgets. You require a trusted program that protects your data and devices from threats of all kinds. Antivirus programs detect and remove any malware, and keep your device secure. If the antivirus isn’t working it could expose your device to various malwares and threats. Security issues can be because of corrupted program files.

Common causes for antiviruses not being able to scan Windows 10 error

1. A user is using an a non-compatible antivirus.
2. Some registry files aren’t working.
3. Antivirus is not up-to-date
4. System files are damaged
5. It is possible that the user installed several security software
6. Windows 10 is running on an old OS
7. Program files are corrupted or missing.
8. Another program is disrupted by the antivirus

Troubleshooting antivirus that isn’t scanning Windows 10 error

Review the antivirus resource requirements.

The antivirus you are using has a few requirements for resources to run. It won’t start or run in the event that your computer is not able to support the required resources. If your antivirus isn’t running, make sure you look up the requirements for resources. Then, go on the device that you are using for Windows 10 device and now search for resources. If the device fails to meet the requirements, then you need to cancel the AVG subscription. After you have cancelled the subscription, delete the installation from your PC. Search for an antivirus compatible program. Install the latest antivirus on your system, how to stop avast popups?

Examine the registry files
The program could show errors in scanning your device in the event that the registry files aren’t functioning properly. These files are required to determine the proper route. If your program isn’t functioning, you should check these registry entries. Open your PC and start your Run bar. Enter Regedit, and then run the program. The registry editor will be displayed in the display. Look for registry files related to antivirus. Click on the those that appear to be damaged. Before editing any file you should make backup keys. Copy the file, and save it using an extension of .reg extension. When you’ve created a backup and fixing the registry files that are corrupted. Then restart the device and verify the antivirus error.

Look out for a new update
The functions of your antivirus are disabled when the application is old. It is recommended to keep your antivirus up-to-date. If your antivirus isn’t scanning your computer then go to the folder Apps. Right-click your antivirus and click on”Update. The antivirus will begin updating. Allow the update to finish and then restart the computer to install a new update. Reopen your antivirus, and start the scan.

Look for system files
The apps you use may have issues when running if certain system files aren’t working. Open your computer and search for system files. However, you shouldn’t edit any system files without instructions. These files are essential for your PC and any error could cause other problems. It is recommended to ask a technician to fix the system’s files. In the alternative, you could attempt to run a utility to repair the system’s files. Connect to your computer and start your run.exe file. Enter sfc/scannow, and then launch the program. The utility program will search and fix every system file. After fixing the files then, open your antivirus once more and check for antivirus error.

Take out any other antivirus
Your antivirus may show issues in the event that you also have an additional security application installed on the device. The use of multiple antivirus programs will not improve security, but they can cause a conflict. You must remove other security programs from your system. Visit your computer and look for any installed software. Click on any other security software and delete them from the device. After you have removed all applications, turn off the device and conduct an examination.

Run an OS update
The updating of the OS is required to ensure that all apps run properly. If your antivirus software isn’t functioning, then log onto the computer and look for an updated OS update. Go to the Settings page, then select Update & Security. Click on the option to check updates. Make sure you have your Windows 10 device is connected to a reliable internet provider. Your computer will begin looking for an update. If the update is found it will begin installing. Keep your device running in auto-update mode. If a new update becomes available it will be installed automatically to the system.

Eliminate the conflicting application
A few users have reported that their antivirus was not working after installing a particular application. The issue occurs after the user has installed a suspicious program. The antivirus is trying to find malware but runs into trouble. To resolve the issue then you must eliminate the conflicting software. Start your computer, and then select the folder containing apps. After that, you can tap the program and then click it. You will then be able to select the Uninstall option. Take out all related items and directories from the system. Try scanning the device with your antivirus.

Install the program
If your antivirus isn’t working because of damaged or missing files, then you must reinstall it. A lot of times users erase programs files, and the program is unable to detect errors. Clean the corrupted settings from your computer and then install a fresh one. After reinstalling, you’ll be able to effortlessly test your computer.

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